Winners of the Summer 2022 "The Story That Made Me Feel" contest


Prompt: "Come think of it, our life is full of stories—happy, joyful, sad, wise, silly, moving, or calming. Submit a story that filled you with a feeling that was strong enough to make you write about it! It can be any feeling at all, as long as the story didn't make you feel indifferent."

Grades K-5

1st Place:

“Puppy” by Lindsay Gale

2nd Place:

“Wind Over Water” by Nova Macknik-Conde

3rd Place:

“Snowy Night” by Mena Shaw

Honorable Mention:

“The Case of the Missing Vase” by Anya Leckerling

“I Fear” by Nala Delgado

“Saying Goodbye” by Soledad Mangles Fernandez

“Welcome Spring” by Emma Fitts

“My Dad” by Alexa Sims

“Dear T” by Amy Xia

Grades 6-8

1st Place:

“Zombie Story” by Scarlett Livingston

2nd Place:

“The Power of Fiction” by Maya Fedorowicz

3rd Place:

“The Shaking Stop Sign” by Jonah Christiansen-Barker

Honorable Mention:

“My House” by Isa Hasan

“A Part of Life” by Isla Rowney

“Naughty Knick Knack” by Nikko Delgado

“In a world so big you feel so small” by Yaendi Herrera

“The Letters That Changed Me” by Veda Kalra

“Bittersweet Feelings” by Lizzie Sun


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