Winners of the Fall 2022 "A Story Worth Telling" contest


Prompt: "Sometimes a story is so good, it is worth telling to the world! It can be a story about an event in your life or a story of your life, a story about other people, animals, things or events, a story you imagined or dreamed, heard from your family members, or simply thought up in your spare time—small or big, it is worth telling. Write a story that you want the world to know about!"

Grades K-5

1st Place:

“The Giant and The Dwarf” by Jason Bae (4th grade)

2nd Place:

“Pencil” by Elena Ambler (3rd grade)

3rd Place:

“Friendship is Magic” by Anika Narayananm (3rd grade)


Grades 6-8

1st Place:

“Ode to Sunflowers” by Yining Tian (6th grade)

2nd Place:

“Endeavor in the Ebbs” by Holden Ellis (8th grade)

3rd Place:

“Change a World” by Jenna Harrod (8th grade)

Honorable Mentions:

“Sunset” by Miranda Chen (5th grade)

“The Tale of Two Hungry Best Friend Bears” by Amelia Wang (5th grade)

“Free Now” by Abigail Lee (6th grade)

“Wings” by Sierra Elman (7th grade)

“Insignificant Skies” by Allison Huang (7th grade)

“The Winds’ Gifts” by Haozhong Cheng (8th grade)

“My Happy Place” by Aiden Edwards (8th grade)

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